Edible Oils

Winter Chill Limited, FZE supplies a wide variety of edible oils. Corn Oil, Coconut Oil, Vegetable oil and Olive oil are the most popular products we supply from our Global producers.

For all aspects of the product, the Product must be fit for human consumption and be of sound, fair and marketable quality.

SOJA BEAN OIL Specifications
Appearance at ambient temperature Clear and shining
Water and Volatile matters 0.2% Max
Insoluble impurities 0.05% Max m/m
Free fatty acids 0.15% Max, expressed as oleic acid
Colour Lovibond 5 1/4″ (red/yellow) Max. 1.5/15
Soap 0.005% maximum
Foreign Odours and Flavors’ NIL
Peroxide Number Maximum 10 milliequivalents of active oxygen/kg of oil
(max. 2 milliequivalents in case of supply ex works orfree at port of shipment)
Specific weight at 20°C 0.919 – 0.925g/cm³
Refractive index at 40°C 1.466 – 1.47
Iodine number (Wijs) 125- 140 g/100g
Expiry date 1 year minimum

SUNFLOWER OIL E.U. Specifications:
Water and Volatile matter 0,2% max.
Insoluble impurities 0.05% max.
Free fatty acids 0,15 max. Expressed as oleic acid
Linolenic acid 0.5% max. of total fatty acids present
Delta-7-stigmasterolMinimum 9%of total sterol content
Brassicasterol 0.5% of total sterol content
Soap 0.005% max.
Foreign Odours and Flavours NIL
Peroxide number Max. 10 milliequivalents of active oxygen/kg of oil
or max. 2 milliequivalents in case of supply ex works orfree at port of shipment.
Specific weight at 20C° 0.918 – 0.923g/cm³
Refractive index at 40C° 1.465 – 1.469
Authorised Additives Max. 100mg of butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT-E-321) perkg of oil

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