Around the world, Winter Chill Limited, FZE customers value single fuel supplier/procurement enablement convenience – competitive fuel prices, logistical support, all provided by our global team of local professionals. Winter Chill Limited has access to several refineries and refinery suppliers. With established relationships with all major fuel suppliers and fuel service providers, Winter Chill Limited, FZE is immediately recognized as a longstanding, creditworthy and preferred trading partner. As a global fuel procurement enabler Winter Chill Limited, FZE is a trusted partner for aviation fuel, land fuel and other related fuel services. Our accomplished professionals thoroughly understand our clients’ business challenges.

Winter Chill Limited, FZE also specializes in the finest quality of Thermal Coal ranging from 5300/5100 to 6800/6600 GCV. WCL is supported by experienced professionals with diverse expertise in the field of coal business.

WCL WCL, with thesupport of expertgroup of coal minecompanies,isabletoprovidecompletesupportforits clientwithend-to-end mining,shippingandlogisticoperationstoensurethatcoalisdeliveredina consistentqualityandtimelymanner.WCL, with full visibility to production and mine operations,is able to anticipate and proactively resolve any potential challenges enabling efficient and smooth delivery in a timely manner.Our focus is to be one of the leading suppliers of coal globally.